The capital of Venezuela celebrates 452 years of its founding in Summer 2021. The anniversary commemorates the Spanish conqueror Diego de Losada, who in 1567 ordered the building of the city, which he named Santiago de León de Caracas, an appellation that lasts today.

From the very choice of its name, Caracas has been a city of contradictions. When baptizing it, Losada revered with one stroke the indigenous people who inhabited the valley and Santiago “the Matamoros”, one of the greatest references of conquest and colonization in European culture.

Video of artist replacing red roof tiles in a house in Caracas, Venezuela. Called “the city of red roofs,” endlessly honored in painting, music, and theater; the cradle of such famous people as Simón Bolívar, Teresa Carreño, and Simón Rodríguez; and a regional beacon of modern and contemporary art production and showcasing in the late 20th Century, Caracas is today one of the most dangerous cities in the world and number two in the world homicide index.