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While French surrealist Yves Tanguy used the decalcomania technique in his 1936 works Paysage I and Paysage II, the production of decalcomanias has not been confined to art. At Yale University, fingerpaint decalcomanias have been analyzed for their tendency to generate fractals when the process is repeated several times on the same paper. From landscape motifs to stoic pictorial symbols and abstract paintings, the technique

Avila Tempestad

In this series, the Venezuelan landscape is shown as a tempestuous composite of towering mountains, tropical rainforests, broad river plains, and shores of crashing waves, all of which provide a diversity of natural habitats that are symbolic of the increasingly accentuated set of challenges to social integration and economic development in the Caribbean country. Oil


A panorama is a picture covering the entire landscape; a theatrical device using a long, rolled-up panoramic painting; the silhouette, total or partial view, of the tallest structures and buildings; and a work of art that reveals a broad, global view of a particular subject, often a landscape, a military battle, or a historical event.