Alternate National


“Simón Bolívar having lunch.” “Revolutionaries storming the capital in 1880.” “Defunct Venezuelan flag carriers from the 1960s.” These are a series of 20th-century oil paintings that were documented, and lost, in the 1980s, and whose 35mm film slides are all we have left of an alternate memory.

AI film slides. 2022

The paintings seen in the slides are Artificial Intelligence rendering of the above text prompts. The hypnogram AI tool allows me to consider its artificially-made images, not as depictions of a parallel reality but of images created in another reality.

Revolutionaries storming the capital in 1880. AI diffused render of text prompt, 2022. variable dimensions.


Hundreds of slides are scattered and in boxes on various tables. Slide projectors will run the images on the walls at a medium, human-level scale.

The sound and tactile nature of the analog mingle with the digital and the artificial.